First Jason Offutt thrilled the Dreamland audience with stories of the shadow people. Now he’s back with a chilling discovery: the paranormal is getting stronger and it is SPREADING. Listen to the chilling reasons that Jason knows this. It all started when he decided to seek out the paranormal within a hundred miles of his home–and discovered chillingly convincing stories just about everywhere he looked. In fact, what he discovered is that we live in what we think of as a normal world that’s actually EMBEDDED in a larger paranormal reality.

Open your mind, and you’re going to find the paranormal all around you!

Master Nazi hunter Peter Levenda is with us to bring us up to date on his latest research into where leading Nazis REALLY hid out–in Asia! We connect with Peter in Singapore, where he is researching an update to his book Ratlines, about how far more Nazis escaped Germany after the war, where they went, what they did, and what their followers are STILL doing. One place that most Nazi hunters have never looked is Asia. That was a mistake, as Peter is finding out.

Listen as he tells us the riveting story of his latest discoveries about the continuing Nazi presence in Asia, and its terrifying power that reaches not only across that continent, but deep into the darkest recesses of the US government!

A member of Connie J. Cannon’s family had a powerful close encounter two weeks ago and came away both with pictures of the craft and some very important information about what may be going on. The encounter is among the most revealing that we have ever discussed on this radio program, in that it sheds light on Anne Strieber’s early discovery from reading witnesses accounts that "this has something to do with what we call death."

The Illinois Mystery Cave yielded a treasure of strange artifacts that suggested ancient Egyptian origins. The cave has been called a hoax, but is it? Harry Hubbard is convinced that many of the artifacts are real and have not been explained. Harry has been working on this issue for many years, and recognizes that some of the material was hoaxed, but not everything. Remarkably, some of the artifacts that were found before 1995 are real. This is a fascinating journey into a possible truth hidden in a labyrinth of illusions.