Russell Targ, one of the greatest scientists ever to work in the field of ESP has proved that it must be real. He explains why, and his reasons are powerfully convincing. Russell co-founded the Stanford Research Institute’s famed program to explore psychic abilities. The basic techniques of remote viewing still in use today were developed at SRI by such pioneers as Russell Targ, Hal Puthoff, Pat Price, Joe McMoneagle and others.

In this spellbinding interview, Russell Targ reveals recently declassified material from his days at SRI for the first time, and offers a convincing explanation for ESP.
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Bradley Manning and now Edward Snowden have risked their lives and their freedom to disclose official secrets. Why? Is it right or wrong, good or bad? And what does it mean for the future? The US Constitution does not specifically guarantee a right of privacy, but the ACLU has filed a lawsuit claiming that the NSA’s Prism program is a violation of the 4th Amendment right to protection from unreasonable searches and seizures.
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 Legendary science reporter and broadcaster Ralph Steiner presents his new documentary the UFO Contact Experience this week on Pacifica Radio. Listen to this riveting interview about the story BEHIND it! Ralph Steiner’s new audio documentary is a mind opening, mind blowing MUST LISTEN experience! Here, Whitley Strieber talks to Ralph about the creation of the documentary and picks his brain about some truly amazing stories of contact from among the military and government officials. Stunning stuff, Dreamland at it’s mind-bending BEST!

Ralph Steiner’s website is
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