Last week, we begin a series on the hard facts of the UFO mystery. It has been clear for a long time that the US government has information about UFOs and possible aliens that it doesn’t share with the public. But what is this, really, and why do they conceal it? Robert Powell is one of the world’s leading experts on this subject, and this week, he’s going to tell us the definitive story of exactly what is known about government secrets.

There is a subtle, acute and very strange mind behind UFO phenomena. When its actions are observed carefully, astonishing facts about this powerful intelligence come to light. Author Micah Hanks begins our two-week series on UFOs with a discussion of how what we are seeing can tell us a great deal about the MIND of the presence behind it all. There is a great deal of thought going into UFO activities and the whole abduction phenomenon. There are hidden patterns that reveal intent and disclose meaning. The way the phenomenon presents itself answers some long-held questions, and Micah Hanks knows a great deal about those answers.

Trish and Rob MaGregor, authors of Aliens in the Backyard, tell of the strange time-synchronicities that seem to herald their appearance in our lives. This discussion of some of the strangest and most powerful cases of abduction reveal how little we actually know about this enigmatic experiences, which is among the most powerful events that can occur in a person’s life.

There are people out there crazy enough to believe that if they cause a big enough war, it will trigger the end of the world and the return of their various saviors, and they are trying hard to do this. In this hard-hitting and informative interview, William Henry explains just who we should worry about, and why they are trying to do.

Get behind the headlines about Iran, and discover the chilling truth of what the Ayatollah Khameni believes, why he is building a bomb, and the bizarre reason he will try to use it.