Earth is being birthed into a larger expression, and people are feeling the vast sweeping changes in consciousness all around the world. Robert Perala tells us about the new human blueprint and describes some mind-bending personal experiences that will inspire and amaze you–and, to many of you, be strikingly familiar. During one of his experiences, Robert describes being covered with an oil, which William Henry relates to the oil that covered the prophet Enoch described in the more

Money expert Wayne Welton explains just why modern money is vaporware, and how debt is used to enslave us. This surprising and highly provocative interview is a departure for Revelations, but into an area that should be of far greater concern for all of us than it is. Money is not separate from our spiritual life–in fact, try growing in spirit while you’re starving! Not so easy.

Here, Wayne explains some unusual and enlightening theories about debt and money. Is money real? And what about debt? Is it real, or is it simply a way to keep us under control by powerful forces we cannot see?

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Sonia Barrett’s insights for dealing with the fear matrix is which we are trapped is cutting edge and supported by much scientific theory. For most people, the 2012 change didn’t seem to happen. But we are, in fact, moving into a new era and change–some of it very dark–is all around us.

So how do we navigate these treacherous waters. Sonia has some powerful and effective ideas.

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