For many years, I have been curious about my story Pain. I have seen that it contained much unconscious knowledge of the close encounter experience. It was the last piece of creative writing I did before I became conscious of what had happened to me on December 26, 1985. In fact, the experience actually happened while I was in the middle of writing the story. On the surface, it is a story about a very difficult, painful relationship, but beneath that, it is about finding freedom from the most basic of all human fears, which is the fear of death.

Pain was written between mid-December 1985 and mid-January 1986. It is the last thing I wrote before becoming conscious of the close encounter experience I had on December 26, 1985. While I was writing it, uneasy and confused memories of that experience were flowing through my mind, and I was beginning the process of research that would eventually lead to recollection of the close encounter and the writing of Communion.

The story contains a great deal of unconscious material about the experience. In fact, my entire unconscious understanding of close encounter and its connection to the dangerous sacred is contained in the story.