Whitley Strieber and Clare Henry tell stories of the angels in their lives. Listen as they share their powerful stories with us. Clare says, ‘I am an ordinary person who has experienced many extraordinary spiritual encounters with angels, the most profound being a near death experience’ Whitley tells a stunning story of how a guardian angel prevented him and Anne from being murdered, and the proof of the angelic intervention.

Clare says, ‘We walk with the protection and love of God and the Angels. They are are here and have always been here since the beginning of life on earth, to guide, protect and nurture us with love …to help us steer our ships to enlightenment. Their highest hope is that we become like them.’
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This week, we take a breather from the ominous high strangeness of the dark side, and turn to one of the most evocative and energetic of all subjects: angels. Is there an angel in your life? What are angels, anyway? Marla Frees asks expert Clare Henry about this most wondrous part of the human experience, and about her spectacularly energetic new book, Sacred Reflections, which includes a wealth of powerful images of angels created by master artists over the past seven hundred years.

Whitley Strieber calls it ‘one of the most energizing books ever published,’ and here Clare explains why that would be so. read more