You will rarely have heard anything even close to the stories being told here by Dr. Arthur Cushman. From early experiences at the Integratron in the company of people like George van Tassel, L. Ron Hubbard and George Adamski to a career as a neurosurgeon and a devastating cancer cured using alternative medicine and a healing using a potent herbal remedy in South America, Dr. Cushman has led a life of highest adventure and greatest danger.

Beyond that, he has deep inside knowledge of the mysteries centering on Nashville, Tennessee which figure so prominently in the works of William Henry and now also in Dan Brown’s upcoming book Inferno.

This is a truly remarkable program, one of the most amazing William has ever done.

Dr. Robin Kelly asks the question, ‘can science enhance our souls?’ Here he explains his insights into quantum biology, and how it relates to the holographic nature of our soul. We are looking at nothing less than a complete revolution in the life sciences, as scientists discover that quantum strangeness doesn’t end with the very small, but rather is part of all life and, in fact, is the key to understanding the soul and achieving what he calls ‘soul coherence.’

Before the Knights Templar even announced their formation to the pope, they traveled thousands of miles to Portugal where they created the first European nation-state. Why did they do this? Why did they build such strange buildings in Portugal as a church without doors? The church was used by them until the destruction of the order, when a door was added. So how did they get in and out? In his new book, the First Templar Nation, Freddy Silva explores these and other mysteries.

Nancy Safford is a spiritual guide dedicated to empowering others to connect with the wisdom and the knowing of their heart, their true soul essence, to have a more direct understanding of their purpose on the planet. So, what does that mean? Listen as William Henry asks this powerful visionary where her power comes from and how it relates to sacred mysteries, most especially the mystery of Rennes le Chateau.