A UFO fitting the description of Ezekiel’s Wheel has been seen recently on numerous occasions. In this awe-inspiring report, Linda Moulton Howe describes some of the sightings, and a witness tells of his encounter with the occupants. After the report, Whitley and Linda have a discussion about what it might all mean, and what the whole UFO/close encounter might be about. Whitley Strieber calls it ‘the most important discussion we have ever had on Dreamland,’ and when you hear it, you will agree that he’s right.

The Pentagon does a great deal of research into our lost past. Nick Redfern tells us what they are looking for and why. The US government engages in a top secret pursuit of mystical relics, ancient astronauts and lost civilizations. Nick tells us about a long-forgotten war that lasted eighteen days and so profoundly changed our world that we literally have collective amnesia about it.