It turns out that wormholes are not science fiction, and Vortex-Based Mathematics offers a way to understand and conceivably use these structures in a whole new way. In this riveting show, William Henry and Vortex-Based Math expert Randy Powell discuss how esoteric traditions actually mirror the functionality of this mathematics, and how, once this is understood, how the individual can gain extraordinary power.

We’re all supposed to be followers, and most of us are just plain tired of it. We’re supposed to believe the establishment about our real past, religion, politics, economics, all of it. So maybe it’s time to become a heretic and start down a new path. Listen as Andy Gough tells William Henry what his new magazine, the Heretic, is all about, and why its called that. Then later, he exposes a dramatic Rennes le Chateau hoax!

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The headlines are screaming about record heat, drought, trouble with Iran and Syria and all manner of calamity. So, what does it all mean and  above all, WHERE ARE WE GOING?

Nostradamus scholar John Hogue has a notable record predicting what’s on the way, and today William Henry asks him, ‘what about the next few months?’

Listen as John paints his picture of what the future holds for our climate (and note that he predicted the blazing summer last March), the middle east and the world.

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"Let’s look very carefully at the structure of prophetic revelations in the New Testament, the Old Testament and the Koran," suggests Joseph Farrell. And that’s just what he does, pointing out that these messages from higher beings are consistent across cultures and over time. This consistency is so exact that it is difficult to believe that there is not a single POLICY behind them all. He asks the question: "Would they look at the systems that have developed out of their words as something good for mankind?"
Or is their policy, instead, to sow chaos and to derail human society?