Based on a threat delivered by the Ayatollah Ali Khameni, the Supreme Religious Leader of Iran last Friday, Iran appears to be planning to start a nuclear holocaust in order to usher in the end of the world and the return of the Mahdi. This madness is supported by the Jewish and Christian right wings and messianic fundamentalists of many different faiths. Just as Islamic extremists believe that a catastrophic war will bring about the return of their messiah, Christian and Jewish extremists believe that it will bring about the return and/or coming of theirs.

All of these people are trying to set off a nuclear war by exploiting the ongoing tensions between Israel and Islam.

UK MoD UFO expert Nick Pope has said that the London Summer Olympics might bring with them a major UFO event. While he said that they would probably come in peace, he also said that British military defenses would be ready.

There are some very unusual symbols hidden in the Olympics logo and other 2012 Olympic symbols. Do they have some sort of hidden meaning, whether aliens are going to show themselves or not?

This week Revelations explores some of the unexpected symbolism surrounding the green movement, and the surprising hidden reasons for it.

Elilzabeth Leafloor asks, Is all the ecclesiastical symbolism that appeared at the recent UN Earth Summit indicative of a shift towards religious dogma? If so, it encompasses not just modern Christianity, but also ancient beliefs and gods. Some would say the "new age" green religion we are being offered is actually an echo of an old one. Another aspect of this ’Green Jesus’, is the unavoidable association to Osiris.