Scientifically, we are much closer to teleportation that you can imagine. This week, William Henry interviews writer Sherry Baker about her new article in the June issue of Discover Magazine, and you are going to be absolutely amazed at what we are finding out about what seem to be completely impossible, even magical, things such as instantaneous movement.

Our world is changing fast–much faster than we think. Don’t miss the boat. Sherry Baker has her hands on the tiller, and she’s going to take us up the river into a future of things like teleportation, body swapping and out-of-body movement.

Read Sherry’s Discover article. Click here.

Joseph Farrell is one of the world’s leading authorities on the secrets of alchemy, and here he discusses the Philosopher’s Stone, tracing its mysterious origin to the Tablets of Destiny and the possibility of an ancient cosmic war that involved the use of weapons technologies that have been, in part, rediscovered, most particularly by the Nazis. He tells William Henry about the advanced non-linear physics that the Nazis were engaged in during World War II, and the modern technologies that could have been secretly derived from their discoveries.

Joseph Farrell’s website is

Bob Welch was a great friend to all of us, and especially to William Henry. Here, William remembers Bob and we replay the interview they did together in 2009, in happier times. Bob loved Revelations, Dreamland, Unknowncountry and William’s work. He attended the 2009 Dreamland Festival and was a delightful addition to our family.

This is the description of the Revelations he and William did in April of 2009, which we repeat today:

William and Claire Henry were mesmerized and repelled by a documentary that appeared on the Discovery Channel called ‘Mermaids: the Body Found.’ It featured a group of scientist who claimed that they had discovered real mermaids, but that the information had been suppressed. Their investigation soon revealed that the program was largely fiction. However, there is a powerful reality behind the mockumentary: its depiction of the suffering of whales and dolphins is a very real problem, and the US Navy’s cruel use of extremely powerful sonars causes these creatures such suffering that they literally commit suicide to relieve the pain.