Chimps can read each other’s minds, but in order for US to do it, we may need a machine. They’re building one for Stephen Hawking, the UK quantum physicist who has ELS.

In the April 3rd edition of the New York Times, David Ewing Duncan writes: "Called the iBrain, this simple-looking contraption is part of an experiment that aims to allow Dr. Hawking–long paralyzed by amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or Lou Gehrig’s disease–to communicate by merely thinking." It looks like a black headband attached to a tiny, lightweight box.
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Monsanto’s Bt and Roundup insecticides are not only killing weeds– new findings show that they are also killing human kidney cells, even in low doses.

Roundup, designed to be used on GM crops, is also linked to infertility, killing testicular cells in rats within 1 to 48 hours of exposure. Roundup is also decreasing the population of monarch butterflies in North America by killing the milkweed plants that the butterflies rely on for food.

On the Nation of Change website, Anthony Gucciardi reports that "The evidence that Monsanto’s biopesticide and Roundup alike are disrupting both nature and human safety is clear, yet little is being done about it."
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David Paulides is one of world’s leading Bigfoot experts, and here he and Whitley Strieber discuss his work in this area, including a group of discoveries about Bigfoot that are really going to surprise you. This program includes the first public mention of a new piece of Bigfoot evidence that has never been revealed before.
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On March 25, David Paulides riveted Coast to Coast AM listeners with his stories about missing people in the western US, many of the cases unsolved, many of them inexplicable. Whitley Strieber listened to the show and immediately got Dave scheduled for Dreamland. Over the years, Whitley has amassed many missing persons cases as well, and they compare notes and discuss what might be happening to cause these cases. This is a chilling and powerful program, and Whitley’s unique perspective is not to be missed.

Dave Paulides’ missing persons website is more