This week’s Dreamland with intuitive Penny Peirce was recorded some months ago and scheduled for this weekend. It turns out that it’s a perfect introduction to our offering for subscribers this week, which is about the vibratory energy that was experienced in the close encounter that Linda Moulton Howe reported on last week on the show.

A witness is driving down Interstate 15 in Utah late at night. Suddenly, she has an incapacitating headache and has to pull over. She then sees, just ahead of her car, a massive UFO. Seemingly a moment later, she finds herself on the roadside on another highway fifteen miles away. And not only that, there is a minivan that was on I 15 beside her–and it’s still beside her! AND THEN she discovers a third car that has been shifted from I-15 to Legacy Highway as well. AND none of the cars will start. And then–incredibly–a tow truck shows up, but the driver is disoriented and has no idea why he came!

William Henry has created one of the most extraordinary documents about transformation to appear in years. It’s a book called the Secret of Sion that is filled with magnificent color illustrations of great religious art from the past, AND stunning explanations about just why the images, many of them created by artists with deep hidden knowledge, can literally open us to transformative experience.

Unknowncountry’s web designer James Beeson is also a deeply knowledgeable researcher of the unknown, with unique insights and some very surprising information to communicate. He tells us about his life oddyssey, like so many of us being profoundly changed by an ultra-high strangeness event, and as a result setting out on a life-changing mission to do serious research into the unknown. He has had numerous anomalous experiences, and describes many of them, including one that involves a multiple witness sighting of an unusual object just a few months ago.