This one is pretty standard until 2:15 in, when the object suddenly explodes, leaving residue in the sky. It is just possible that this is some sort of balloon, but it appears to be lit from within, which would make it a very unusual one. We are sending this to our video experts for analysis and their responses will be posted in the video section.

31 years ago today, on the third night of the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident, Col. Walter Halt made a tape of events as they took place. It is worth listening to again. It is also worth nothing that the British Ministry of Defense said last year that all records of the Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident had disappeared from their records. Also, Whitley Strieber’s December 26, 1985 close encounter took place five years to the day after the beginning of the Rendlesham Forest incident.

There are two unusual objects in this video. The most obvious is an orange blinking light that becomes a dark object as it appears to draw closer to the camera. The second appears like a moving star in the upper part of the frame.

This object also appears to be emitting some sort of a mist. Could it be a much smaller example of the mist surrounding the object videotaped over Moscow a few days previously?