John Major Jenkins is one of the leading 2012 researchers, and here he explains to us the history of the Long-Count Calendar that encodes the 2012 date. So what did the ancient Maya actually believe that the date meant, and is there any reason for us to believe that the calendar is any way predictive of events that will happen in our world–beyond the doomsday hype?

Peter Sterling had a powerful contact experience with the grays in which he was given a message that Earth could become uninhabitable. But what happens to us then? Does mankind go extinct? Not hardly, according to what Peter learned–which fits right in with the whole body of William Henry’s work. Listen as they discuss a whole new potential for the human future that is very different from what you might expect. Don’t miss this. There is an urgency here that should not be ignored. Most will, but some few won’t. Will you be among those who take Peter’s message to heart?

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