Whitley Strieber sat down, leaned into the microphone and told this story without so much as a note. Is it an incredibly scary and yet beautiful short story, a prophecy, the revelation of an extraordinary secret–or all of the above? When your Dreamland editor asked him, he just laughed. Whatever it is, it’s an all time classic Halloween Screamland, in the finest tradition of this radio program!

"Darkness Absolute" by Whitley Strieber is Copyright 2011 by Walker & Collier, Inc.

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David Nabhan was earthquake co-ordinator for the Los Angeles Independent School District for 15 years, and he says that we’re missing the boat on earthquake prediction. Here he outlines his ideas about how we can go about identifying higher probability times and dates when earthquakes are more likely. He is not able to identify definite dates, but his research does suggest that it’s possible to say that there is a higher probability of quakes on certain days when there are near-sygyzy and near-perigee events.read more

George Noory is not only the host of Coast-to-Coast AM, he’s an expert on many things paranormal. His new book Talking to the Dead explores contact with the dead, and this week he comes to Dreamland as Whitley Strieber’s guest to tell us all about this fascinating topic. Is it possible to contact the dead? Are there any dead out there to communicate with, or does consciousness end with death? And if not, what convinces George that we go on after the body dies?read more

Eric Pearl is among the most famous healers in the world, and here Marla Frees has an intimate conversation with him about how he found his healing powers, what he has done with them, and how he communicates them to others. He tells us about the unusual experience that led him from being a chiropracter to becoming a healer, but most importantly, he explains to us what healing is, who can learn it, and who the most effective practitioners will be.read more