Long time KPFA broadcaster Ralph Steiner has amassed a remarkable group of recordings of news announcements and interviews about the Roswell Incident. This edition of Dreamland begins with a recording of the first radio news report about the crash, and then Ralph takes us through a terrific history of Roswell, as told in interviews and recordings he has collected over his long career. Much of this material has never been heard before, and it has never been brought together in a single program anywhere. Fascinating new insight into the Roswell Incident.read more

Author and renowned book editor (He is Whitley Strieber’s editor, among many others) Robert Gleason spent over twenty years researching his new book, End of Days. It asks the question: does mankind have the power right now to physically destroy Earth? For example, could carefully targeted nuclear weapons activate supervolcanos such as the Yellowstone Supervolcano? And just how likely is it that terrorist groups like al Quaeda will get nuclear weapons from countries like Pakistan?

And how likely is it that we just might have a future that is a lot more hopeful than it seems? Take this journey with Whitley Strieber as he explores Robert Gleason’s ideas with him–to a conclusion that will surprise you.
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Prior to the interview with Dr Gary Schwartz, Linda Moulton Howe has an update on the tremendous green fireball seen over the US southwest on the night of September 14. Then Marla Frees takes us into Dr. Gary Schwartz’s laboratory and we eplore the sacred promise. Is spirit really there? What can science tell us? Can science show that they’re really there? If so, do we matter to them?

Dr. Schwartz candidly discusses the challenges as well as the rewards of connecting with Spirit. He poses several important questions.read more