Revelations will repeat Jay Weidner’s extraordinary interview for a second week. DO NOT MISS getting the free alchemical text Jay says is the finest ever written. Download it from We can learn the deepest secrets of alchemy right now, and Jay Weidner guides us on the journey. Could it be that there were people in the past who created and drank the elixir of life and understood and used the philospher’s stone?

Giorgio Tsoukalos is the producer of the super-hit Ancient Aliens on the History Channel and the publisher of Legendary Times Magazine. William Henry, who will be a guest on the show a number of times this fall, here interviews Giorgio about the program and the magazine, and what is changing in the study of ancient aliens. A few years ago, William Henry participated in a National Geographic documentary on Atlantis that had a hidden debunking agenda.

Dr. Carmen Boulter created the astonishing TV series the Pyramid Code, and has gotten some stunning photos of light phenomena in Egypt. Here she tells us about what she has found and experienced in Egypt recently, and it is powerful material. She says "our soul group is coming together," and that is certainly what the internet effort of people like William Henry and the Dr. Boulter are all about. Vist during the interview to watch the pictures she and William Henry are discussing.

William Henry gave a presentation at Steve and Karen Alexander’s Summer Lectures series in Crop Circle Country this year, and went to Westminster Abby and to Paris in search of the secrets of the anointing oil of ancient times that it is believed had transformative powers. He tells Whitley Strieber about his adventures, and the powerful energetic effect being in crop circle country had on him. At the end of the interview, they discuss just why this specific area of the English countryside might be the location of so many crop formations, and the answer will amaze you.