Is this the beginning of the end of the world? Lynne McTaggart will blow your mind with her uplifting, scary and amazingly clear answer to that question.
Her new book the Bond is about filling the emptiness between us with a whole new kind of living meaning and relationship. Based on solid science, the Bond reveals that we are much closer to one another than we think, and as our world undergoes increasingly rapid change, we can use her findings to create a whole new kind of human community.

Every January, John Hogue offers Dreamlanders his predictions for the coming year. The next summer, we revisit some of those predictions and he offers us new ones for the coming year. Some of his predictions for 2011 that he gave us in January have been startlingly accurate, and his latest ones are just as intense. In January, he warned that 2011 would be the year of the discovery that we have serious food problems on earth, and this is proving to be absolutely true.

Marla Frees has just come back from a very powerful experience at the Monroe Institute. Here, she tells Whitley Strieber–and us–the story of what happened to her, and communicates some riveting new information about the vast spiritual universe which is our true home. She had an encounter with the spirit of John Mack that is unforgettably powerful and insightful.

Recently, the renowned physicist Stephen Hawking has offered the idea that the universe might have generated itself spontaneously out of nothing. Here, astrophysicist Bernard Haisch offers a vivid exploration of why that might NOT be true. Anne Strieber asks him about the God theory—does it still hold up? Or are we alone in a vast non meaning? Bernard Haisch says, "Is it possible that there is a purpose behind the universe? One that is consistent with modern science and especially the Big Bang and evolution?"


His answer is enlightening and surprising. Dreamland at its MOST provocative!