REVELATIONS IS ON HAITUS UNTIL JANUARY. In his last show of 2010, William Henry continues his stunning conversation with Edmund Marriage, touching on such matters as what, exactly was being done to human beings prior to the great catastrophe that enveloped our planet around 9,000 BC. This enormously learned man literally shines a clear light into what has heretofore been a lost past. How did the shining ones appear? Why were they given that name, and what does that mean to us now? PLUS, Edmund Marriage has taken on the project of publishing his and William’s—and our—great friend Laurence Gardner’s phenomenal final book, "The Origin of God."

This is a half hour that will change your consciousness. Don’t miss it.
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Edmund Marriage has brought Christian O’Brien’s classic, "The Shining Ones", back into print and in this interview with William Henry he discusses who they are and what they mean to us in our age. Edmund is the Principal of the Patrick Foundation. His Golden Age Project, inspired by the work of Christian and Barbara Joy O’Brien promotes the recovery of past knowledge in order to resolve many of today’s more