What if there were secret zoos hidden here and there where the animals could talk? That’s the premise of this lovely and inspiring story that Whitley Strieber reads for Christmas. Written in 1968, it’s part of the legendary "Evenings with Demons" short story book that now sells for hundreds of dollars, if you can even find a copy. So sit back and enjoy this charming Christmas present from our resident elf, Whitley Strieber!


It has been a long time since Whitley Strieber was inspired to create a new meditation for us, but this week he comes up with one of the most beautiful and inspiring he has ever given us. This is not only a meditation, but an instructional audio as well, about nothing less than our innate ability to see the future, which has recently been scientifically proved by famed social psychologist Dr. Darryl Bem. It is not often that something as much ignored as future sight is not only given credible scientific support, but also that somebody who knows how to use it sits down and shares his knowledge. This is quite wonderful.