There is an incredible connection between rock and roll and ancient secrets, and Chris Knowles understands it. Ancient mythology and shamanism influenced modern rock to an unbelievable extent. Many rockers are shamen, and cults like vodoun and druidism, which are integrated into rock mythology, are remnants of ancient Egyptian religion. Chris Knowles says, "This is not an accidental process," as he relates rock iconography to symbols that date back even beyond Egypt and into the stone age.

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What are the "nine lenses" that Padma Aon Prakasha talked about last week? This week, he and William go through all nine of them, and we discover the secret relationship between the body, the soul, and the ascended world all around us. Surprisingly, there is an unexpected discussion about ancient Egyptian ka-body spells and why they worked. This is a most interesting and unusual program.

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What is a fully functioning human being? William Henry asks "Nine Eyes of Light" author Padma Aon Parkasha this burning question and gets a surprising answer that, for one thing, suggests that we should go beyond the idea that there are just six senses. There are a vast number of untapped senses, and we can harness them all, and Aon Parkasha has some powerful ideas about how to do that.

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Alberto VilloldoWe cannot become enlightened if we don’t have the brain to sustain it. Alberto Villoldo explains how to revise your nutrition to enable your brain to sustain enlightenment, and then how to use the energies all around us to return to the ancient human journey toward the new human. How do you grow a second body?

How do you become a new human? Find out this week on Revelations!

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