New research shows us that kids who are raised by gay parents are doing OK, and so are in-vitro (IVF) kids. But some teens are violent–what makes them that way?

A new study has discovered that children conceived by in vitro fertilization (IVF) perform at least as well as their peers on academic tests at all ages from grade 3 to 12. This is good because it means that when they become teens, they’re less likely to be violent.
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Why so many foreclosures? – Foreclosures aren’t the cause of today’s housing surplus–changing demographics are. The excess supply and its persistence are directly linked to the increase in homeowners over age 55 who want to sell and downsize, coupled with the decrease in number of 30- to 45-year-olds who want to buy. Economist William Lucy says this means that the path to a housing market rebound doesn’t lie in new construction, but in rethinking housing needs based on changing demographics. He says, “Surplus housing is not caused by either excessive new construction or by foreclosure,” noting that only 20% of housing units for sale or sold in 2009-10 were new houses and foreclosures.
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Just an excuse for bad government – A prominent GOP candidate got into hot water recently for confessing an early dabbling in Wicca. Today, the Salem witch trials stand for bad government leaders overstepping boundaries, McCarthyism and Arthur Miller’s play “The Crucible,” but the story hasn’t always had the same meaning throughout history.

Historian Gretchen Adams says the phrase “witch trials” had a different political rhetoric and meaning to Americans in the 1800s than it does to most people today. She says, “We think of the Salem witch trials now as a story of poor leadership and abuse of the government’s investigative powers. In the 19th century, people thought of it as a tale of mass hysteria and going back to the ways of the Old World.”
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The Vatican has announced that it will baptize aliens. The UN is allegedly going to appoint a contact person should aliens land (who immediately repudiated this). At a press conference last week, US Air Force personnel announced that UFOs are interested in our atomic weapons. And now Michael Salla says that scientific interest in the possibility that ET may be real is increasing.

The debate is changing. Listen as Michael Salla tells us just how this is unfolding and what it means.

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