It’s all in the BRAIN! – Why do some people gain weight easily, while others never seem to get supersized, no matter what they eat? And when those of us who gain weight DO get fat, why do men and women pack the fat on in different places on the body?

A protein called SIRT1, which is found in cells throughout the body, must be present in a specific set of brain neurons in order to prevent weight gain after eating high-calorie meals. Also, an enzyme in the brain known as PI3 kinase might control the increased generation of body heat that helps burn off excess calories after eating a high-fat meal. If your brain is deficient in either of these substances, you’ll have to watch what you eat more carefully than the next person.
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The clean war? – In their 1985 novel WarDay, Whitley Strieber and Jim Kunetka explored the results of a possible limited nuclear war and found that while it was likely that the human race would survive, we would find ourselves in a much more limited world. Now the Pentagon is exploring the possibility of a cyber war. However, given the fact that so much of the world’s information is stored on computers, we may not survive that one well either.
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Anne’s new diary – In her new diary, Anne Strieber discovers that you can get important spiritual insights from an unusual source! If you love Anne’s diaries and Whitley’sJournals, keep them coming: Subscribe today!

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Last week, David Wilcock and William Henry discussed the nature of life, human appearing aliens, and the reasons for synchronicities. This week, they go deep into the mystery of what is happening right now. We live in a period of rapid change, and we’re looking at a possible transformation in 2010. William asks David, “How do we become light bodies?” David answers with information from India about how advanced practitioners chose their own death. After they leave their bodies, a remarkable transformation takes place. You will never have heard of anything like this before.

William Henry and David Wilcock will be presenting at the Tempe Arizona Convergence in November.
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