For our subscribers, Anne Strieber talks to neurologist Dr. John Turner, who describes the spectacular near death experience of a patient who had the same type of stroke that Anne experienced in 2004. Also, they discuss the fact that pets are often involved in near death experiences and journeys into the afterlife, and they discuss a device that enables people to see into the world of the dead in a very unique manner.

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We once predicted that World War III would be fought over the moon, but now it looks like it will fought over the newly-opened (thanks to glacier melt) passage in the Arctic.

The Northeast Passage from Russia to Asia is a shortcut from the traditional route through Europe, the Suez Canal and around India. It’s a great opportunity for Russia, which wants to sell more oil and gas to energy-hungry china. But Canada is already making a rival claim to the territory.
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It’s red rain yet again. Researchers are still studying cells from India’s 2001 red rain and have found that they multiply under extreme heat, and they DON’T contain DNA.

Life on Earth may have been seeded from comets, asteroids or meteors, according to controversial “evidence” of life on a meteorite from Mars. The cells, which are inert at room temperature, begin to reproduce when heated. In the Australia Herald Sun, Peter Farquhar quotes researcher physicist Godfrey Louis as saying that within 2 hours of being exposed to the heat, “daughter cells appear within the original mother cells and the number of cells in the samples increases with length of exposure.”
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UFOs are known to be warlike at times and several ex-military men are ready to testify that they have monitored, and even tampered with, US nuclear missiles–and, of course, we retaliated.
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