Should we welcome them instead of putting up fences? – There is a lot of controversy going on about immigration right now, but some economists think that countries that restrict it might be missing out on a great economic development.

Economist Gustavo Ventura says, “Regulation of labor movements is one of the most severe distortions facing the world today.” Ventura used data gathered from previous periods of largely unfettered immigration, such as the United States before World War I and, more recently, in Europe, as new countries joined the European Union. He then constructed a model to see how production and economic growth fared, as well as individual welfare.
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By drug manufacturers – It’s a conspiracy worthy of Jim Marrs: The pharmaceutical industry is a market in which the seller knows much more than the buyer about the product and can profit from selling products less effective and less safe than consumers are led to believe. The advent of ads for prescription drugs is one example of this.

Researcher Donald Light says, “Sometimes drug companies hide or downplay information about serious side effects of new drugs and overstate the drugs’ benefits. Then, they spend two to three times more on marketing than on research to persuade doctors to prescribe these new drugs. Doctors may get misleading information and then misinform patients about the risks of a new drug. It’s really a two-tier market for lemons.”read more