Last week, David Wilcock and William Henry discussed the nature of life, human appearing aliens, and the reasons for synchronicities. This week, they go deep into the mystery of what is happening right now. We live in a period of rapid change, and we’re looking at a possible transformation in 2010. William asks David, “How do we become light bodies?” David answers with information from India about how advanced practitioners chose their own death. After they leave their bodies, a remarkable transformation takes place. You will never have heard of anything like this before.

William Henry and David Wilcock will be presenting at the Tempe Arizona Convergence in November.
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David Wilcock says that life is part of the basic nature of the universe. He sees it as intrinsic and probably universal, not a random process that only happens rarely. We think of it as rare because we are at a primitive stage of understanding what the life force actually is.

Listen as he reveals some mind-opening material about what the fossil record really shows us. For example, there is a 26 million year cycle in which species seem to be ‘rewritten,’ evolving very suddenly into new forms.

He also discusses the fact that there are many different types of human being in the universe?not alien appearing at all, but looking very much like us.
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Reshad Feild is the author of the legendary book of Sufi mysticism “The Last Barrier” and one of the great Sufi mystics of our time. Here he talks to William Henry about the realities of Sufism and the inner nature of the Sufi journey in modern times.

He speaks beautifully about the process of remembrance and the importance of living without labels.

Reshad’s website it ChaliceaLivingSchool.

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Fundamentalist Christians and some Islamic extremists believe that the Battle of Armageddon will be triggered by an attack on Israel. Here, William Henry asks author Michael Baigent a crucial and frightening question: are extremist fundamentalists actually trying to cause such a war in the Middle East in hope of triggering the end of the world and their own supposed ascension into heaven?

Listen as William Henry questions expert Michael Baigent about this provocative and crucially important topic.

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