Dr. Raymond Moody revolutionized our understanding of death and the afterlife, and now he’s returned with a new book,Glimpses of Eternity:Sharing a Loved One’s Passage from this Life to the Next, which describes dozens of cases where the living have actually entered the light with their loved ones as they are dying. Do not miss this amazing interview, as Dr. Moody tells the thrilling story of how he discovered that such experiences are actually common, and a major feature of the near death experience that has so far gone totally unnoticed.

Dr. Moody describes to Whitley Strieber a personal shared death experience that took place as his own mother passed away, and he offers surprising new answers to the question: what happens when we die?

Keith Chester has uncovered a remarkable unknown side of the UFO phenomenon: the modern experience didn’t start in 1947 with the Kenneth Arnold sighting or even in 1943 with the Battle of Los Angeles, where the city’s antiaircraft defenses attacked a huge lighted object.

As early as 1931, there began to be reports around the world about unknown aircraft, including silver disks and snakes of light in the sky very similar to those now being videotaped in Mexico.And, of course, during World War II, there were the foo fighter reports. But it went a lot farther than that. You will not soon forget Keith’s story of the astonishing craft that appeared over the US battle fleet immediately before the Battle of Guadalcanal.

Investigative reporter Leslie Kean has just published one of the most important books on the UFO topic ever written. UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials go on the Record complies accounts from experts around the world that add up to proof that unidentified flying objects are intelligently controlled and operating at a level of technological sophistication far beyond not only our abilities, but even the imaginative speculations of science fiction. And yet they are real.

Listen as Leslie tells Whitley Strieber about her experiences in writing the book, meeting and talking with the experts, and details some of the stunning cases that it covers.

Jim Marrs has written a devastating new book calledThe Trillion Dollar Conspiracy, and you will never forget the information you will get from this fiery, impassioned interview with Whitley Strieber.Listen as Jim Marrs lays it out: there are no real political parties. It’s all an illusion. And worse, the people waiting in the wings to replace the incumbents are at least as bad and probably worse. Why? The reason is simple: as Jim points out, Prince Philip, one of the leaders of the global establishment said, if he could be reincarnated after he died, he would want to come back as a deadly virus that would solve the population problem.