Is there anything in things like “Pleiadian Initiations?” Are there any Pleiadians, and, if so, do they communicate with us. Well, you’re going to be absolutely shattered, amazed and awed by what has happened to Christine Day, whose parents gave her to a satanic cult when she was a child.

As an adult, she was so traumatized that she actually wanted to die, and got a systemic disease that was going to kill her in a matter of months, according to her doctors.

But then something happened that changed her life, and that will never forget as you listen to her tell her powerful and unforgettable story to Dreamland guest host Marla Frees, our expert on all things psychic.
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For many years, the UFO encounter at RAF/Bentwaters in the UK has been the source of controversy. It has been dismissed by government-connected skeptics such as the BBC and most US media as “a lighthouse” and as “car lights.” Already, Linda Howe has recorded testimony from eyewitness that bring the lies to an end. The event ofhappened,and it was indeed a close encounter of the third kind. Now, listen to the most astounding eyewitness testimony of all, that makes it clear that this is the single most important UFO case of all time.

Now, another witness, Staff Sergeant Monroe Nevels comes forward with the extraordinary story of”an airman being taken by a spacecraft” BEFORE the main Bentwaters incident even happened on December 27.
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What if the Roswell Incident didn’t involve the crash of an extraterrestrial spacecraft, but rather was an example of secret terrestrial technology? As the author of Majestic, Whitley Strieber would fall into the group who believes that the debris found represented ET technology, but what if that is NOT true, and something very different took place?

Listen as Joseph Farrell outlines the audacious hypothesis that Nazi technology was involved at Roswell – and that the possessors of this technology are still keeping it secret, and that they represent nothing less than a hidden superpower on earth.
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