This year’s Dreamland Festival brought some startling information and experiences. Anne Strieber explained how the UFO experience is actually changing the human brain. William Henry brought a new vision of Christ consciousness…which fit into Whitley Strieber’s riveting talk and meditation on finding new energies. Jim Marrs showed how two brothers were responsible for the financing of both the Allied and German war efforts in World War One. Linda Howe broke open the RAF Bentwaters UFO case finally and absolutely. And Marla Frees’s psychic performance was life changing for many participants, including Whitley Strieber.

Listen as Whitley and William Henry discuss what happened at the festival.

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William Buhlman is one of the world’s leading experts on out-of-body experiences. One reader of his books said that the experiences she’d had after reading them had relieved her fear of death.

He gives us little-known details about what the out of body state is. “It’s a natural phenomenon. A transfer of consciousness is occurring.” To achieve an OBE, it is necessary–and possible–to induce the right vibrational state.

He also believes that at least some alien abductions are actually unfolding in the out-of-body state, and have to do with a form of nonphysical contact.

William Buhlman is one of the world’s great experts on this little known phenomenon, and he offers us rich new insights and revelations.
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Barry Dunford has made some huge discoveries about the secret history of Scotland. There is a mystical underground grail church that is different from the Roman church, and revolves around the mysteries of the Holy Grail, and its deepest roots in Scotland.

This is a very unusual story, unlike anything we have ever presented before about the secret history of Christianity. It leads from Scotland to the birth of Pontius Pilate in England, to Joseph of Arimathea and his friendship with Pilate and from there to the most powerful secrets of all, those of the Maji.

Barry’s website is
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Mary Lomando approaches the ancient Egyptian sciences with a new vision. For example, how did the Egyptians use essential oils to increase energy, and what is the secret of the blue lotus? And what can modern science tell us about the amazing powers of Frankincense?

Jungian analyst and astrologer Mary Lomando leads tours to Egypt and has spent much time there doing deep research. Listen as she reveals new scientific knowledge about ancient Egyptian secrets.

Mary Lomando’s website is

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