You’ve heard about the Phoenix Lights, the triangle that appeared at the same time, the debunking, the jokes and GovernorFife Symington’s eventual admission that he had seen thetriangle, too. You’ve also heard Lynne Kitei’s story, BUT NEVER LIKE THIS.

Listen as Dr. Lynne tells Marla Frees the remarkable story of what happened BEFORE the mass sighting, AND the fact that similar sightings happened worldwide during the time of the Phoenix Lights. For example, there is photographic evidence that the objects had appeared over Phoenix THREE TIMES prior to the mass sightings.
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We welcome popular Dreamland guest Marie D. Jones, co-author with Larry Flaxman of 11:11, back to Dreamland-but this time as guest host. Here, she interviews Larry about some breakthroughs he has recently made in his long exploration of ghosts and similar paranormal phenomena.

Larry Flaxman is a ghost hunter with a difference. His well-funded group uses over a quarter of a million dollars worth ofscientific equipment in their efforts, which go far beyond things like electronic voice phenomena and the use of infrared light. Mr. Flaxman’s

ParaExplorers group have formal scientific backgrounds, and apply scientific method to their research.

Learn more about ParaExplorers by clicking here.
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Anne Strieber has a phenomenal discussion with one of the originators of remote viewing, Russell Targ. You will meet this amazing and important human being in a whole new way, in intimate conversation with somebody who knows just what questions to ask. A friend of people like Alan Alda, Ayn Rand, Alan Greenspan and the brother-in-law of chess champion Bobby Fisher, Targ has developed what he calls ‘Five Keys to Liberation’ that enable us to see beyond the limits of ordinary perception into a new world of meaning and joy.

Don’t miss Anne Strieber’s gently probing exploration of the ideas and consciousness of this important and highly influential man.

Russell Targ’s website is
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Tom Campbell was instrumental in the creation of the US missile defense system, and worked with Robert Monroe on processes of entering altered states without the use of drugs. Tom is a pragmatic scientist who has broken through into an understanding of the larger reality and consciousness. In this interview with Marla Frees, Tom explains some extraordinary concepts, such as the fact that love pushes away disorder in life, and actually gives us power.

Tom says, “reality is information,” echoing some of the most recent discoveries in physics that suggest that the universe has a holographic structure, and that our feeling of interconnectedness depends on the degree to which we are open to the possibilities that exist around us.
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