But UFOs still flew! – The volcanic ash that is slowing down airplanes isn’t have an effect on UFOs, and a triangle-shaped craft was even seen INSIDE an ash cloud! Maybe they’re using some sort of psychic navigation. (If you got our FREE weekly email newsletter, you would have already read this story! To sign up, click here).
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But is it safe to drink? – Before we fight any more water wars, let’s clean up the water we have! Even if we don’t intend to, most of us end up taking prescription drugs (and drugs that doctors DON’T prescribe) through our drinking water. There is a rising level of pharmaceuticals ending up in the water supply, particularly around hospitals and long-term care facilities, where pharmaceutical use is heavy. We’re found out a lot of amazing things, now can we figure out how to clean this up before the rest of us end up taking this medicine too?
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It just sounds that way – An amazing reality that used to be thought of as science fiction is here today: Paralyzed people are learning how to access the internet using only their brains (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show). The next step is typing and sending an email.

Engineering student John LaRocco wants to perfect this system so that it will no longer be necessary to insert an implant inside the brain. He is working on ways that people can use their minds to power a computer and other technology to complete a variety of actions, wearing a Lycra-like cap that is fastened securely under his chin with electrodes poking out of it.
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Climate change isn’t just melting ice caps, it’s about melting magma too. This, in turn, will lead to more volcanic eruptions. The recent volcano in Iceland may have disrupted air travel, but what’s even more amazing is that a huge volcanic eruption in Indonesia 74,000 years ago changed the course of evolution!

The largest ice cap in Iceland is getting smaller every year at the same time the volcano underneath it is heating up. As the ice disappears, it relieves the pressure on the rocks deep underneath, which increases the rate of magma melt.

In New Scientist, Catherine Brahic quotes volcanologist Bill McGuire as saying, “We are going to see a massive increase in volcanic activity globally. If we look back at previous warm periods, that is what happened.”read more