Coming our way? – Climate change may be responsible for the spread of a potentially deadly fungus among animals and people in the US and Canada. Since freezing can kill the fungus, climate warming have something to do with it showing up along the Pacific Coast.

It started out infecting farm animals and then pets. When it moved to people, AIDS patients (and other people with compromised immune systems) got it first. However, like a virus, the fungus keeps mutating and may soon be able to infect healthy people. The new strain appears to be especially deadly, since about 25% of 21 people who have gotten it so far in the US and Canada have died.
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He hints about search for ET life – In his new Insight, astronaut Edgar Mitchell urges Obama to continue the US moon missions and says, “When Obama announced that ‘nobody is more committed to manned space flight, to human space exploration of space than I am,’ I was relieved. I felt the cumulative excitement of every child whose dream is to become an astronaut.” Meanwhile, blast off with your favorite Dreamland hosts on June 25-27 Nashville!

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Whitley Strieber’s first nonfiction book in 10 years, ‘What is to Come, the Solution to the Communion Enigma’ will be published in January 2012. He is going to discuss its explosive contents in more detail at the 2011 Dreamland Festival. Here, he does what will be the only reading from the book for subscribers until late in 2011. He reads the chapter on childhood mind control, as part of this week’s exploration of that subject on Dreamland. Subscribers may also watch a video of a talk by Duncan O’ more

Marla Frees interviews the developer of Matrix Energetics, Richard Bartlett.Matrix Energetics has transformed Marla’s life, so she talks to him from the context of somebody who has personal knowledge of what he does. PLUS a mind-bending new report from Linda Moulton Howe, perhaps her most astonishing ever!

You will find out what Matrix Energetics is,how it works, and what power it may have in your life. There will be no better place to get an insider’s view of this powerful and transformative process.

To learn more about Matrix Energetics, go to

Marla Frees’ website is, and don’t miss Marla at the Dreamland Festival!
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