Giorgio Tsoukalos is the host of the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens series and publisher of Legendary Times Magazine. During his many public appearances, he has created a revolution in the study of ancient aliens, revising our understanding of why this might be far more than a myth, but might, in fact, be a defining factor in the evolution and history of mankind.

Giorgio’s website is , and you can also reach him on Facebook.

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You will soon be able to operate your TV and stereo with a wave of your hand and control your ear buds with your eyes, but will it be safe to drive your car using your eyes alone?

German researchers have done it: They’ve developed a new technology that lets drivers steer cars using only their eyes. The car was recently tested on the runway of a German airport, but in, Juergen Baetz quotes inventor Raul Rojas as saying, “The biggest challenge is of course to drive in a city with pedestrians and lots of obstacles.”But what if you blink? What if you’re in a convertible and something blows into your eye? Instead of making driving safer, this may make it more dangerous than ever.
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Will they be intelligent machines? Quantum physicist Stephen Hawking thinks that it’s “perfectly rational” to assume that intelligent life exists elsewhere else in the universe. But he thinks aliens should do everything possible to avoid making contact with them.
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Poor can’t eat well if they can’t buy good food – Even if they stick to the center, people in poor neighborhoods often have trouble buying healthy food, just like they have problems buying safe cars. No one wants a mixed salad tossed with extra bacteria, mold and yeast, but those are just what you might find when you try to eat a healthier diet in poorer neighborhoods. The level of bacteria found on the fresh produce can vary according to the income level of the neighborhoods where it’s for sale.
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