Giorgio Tsoukalos is the host of the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens series and publisher of Legendary Times Magazine. During his many public appearances, he has created a revolution in the study of ancient aliens, revising our understanding of why this might be far more than a myth, but might, in fact, be a defining factor in the evolution and history of mankind.

Giorgio’s website is , and you can also reach him on Facebook.

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Kathleen McGowan is the author of the mega-bestseller The Expected One. She started a new life when she had a vision of Mary Magdalene in Jerusalem. Mary said, “You must help me,” and then and there, her life was changed, and she started on one of the great spiritual journeys of modern times.

She says, “what matters is not the bloodline but the spirit line,” and goes on to explain to us exactly what that means. There follows an amazing discussion of the possible contents of the lost gospel that was written by Jesus himself in his own hand, and Kathleen’s effort to find its truth in the documents that remain.
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Serena Wright Taylor explains those mysterious Vimana craft described in ancient texts from India. What were they? Where did they come from? And are they still here?

Join William Henry for a fascinating exploration of this very mysterious information, and what it means for us right now.

How could people in the ancient world imagine such things as spacecraft that they had never seen, at a time when even the existence of outer space was supposedly unknown?

Serena Wright Taylor offers some valuable ideas based on personal experience, that will take us in a surprising direction, including her surprising connection to Beatle George Harrison.

Her website is
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Mike Bara, the co-author with Richard Hoagland of Dark Mission, discusses his new interest in the spiritual world after a powerful spiritual experience on December 9, 2009. He discovered that what had happened to him was related to the Mayan Calendar, and he is now exploring the physics of conscious thought and working on a new book about this subject.

This discussion is as much about consciousness as it is about the significance of the physics of spin in drawing higher energies.

What might a pulse of energy coming from the center of the galaxy actually mean, physically? Will it change our world and our lives? Is NASA concerned about it?

Mike Bara’s website is
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