Marla Frees interviews the developer of Matrix Energetics, Richard Bartlett.Matrix Energetics has transformed Marla’s life, so she talks to him from the context of somebody who has personal knowledge of what he does. PLUS a mind-bending new report from Linda Moulton Howe, perhaps her most astonishing ever!

You will find out what Matrix Energetics is,how it works, and what power it may have in your life. There will be no better place to get an insider’s view of this powerful and transformative process.

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Marla Frees’ website is, and don’t miss Marla at the Dreamland Festival!
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Whitley Strieber knows that implants are real because one was placed in his body that doctors have been unable to remove, but have been able to determine is not natural. But that’s a step away from what this Dreamland is about, because the much-studied implant removed from the body of scientist “John Smith” can now be shown to be something from another world.

Listen as Dr. Robert Koontz, Dr. Roger Leir and the anonymous scientist explain to Whitley Strieber why the object taken from the scientist cannot have been manufactured on earth.
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We start with an earthquake special. Did last week’s quake increase the danger or not? Then Lloyd Pye has proof that the “Starchild Skull” he has been working on for ten years is a mix of human and nonhuman DNA. In this historic edition of Dreamland, Whitley Strieber brings his deep knowledge and direct observations of alien human hybrids to the table, resulting in an interview of extraordinary power and importance.

Listen as Lloyd Pye tells the poignant story of a death and apparent suicide 900 years ago in northern Mexico, as a very strange man died, and was followed into death by the woman who loved him. They lived together in a cave in what was then an almost totally unpopulated area, and left their remains to be discovered in the 1930s.
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William Henry has made some completely incredible discoveries about the relationship between the search for the ‘God particle’ now being undertaken at the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland and the potential for mankind reaching a whole new level of consciousness.

Why on the day that celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus do we hunt for Easter eggs and pretend a rabbit hid them? The rabbit is a well known symbol of other-dimensional travel.

Could this symbolism reveal secret knowledge about the Resurrection of Jesus, knowledge that is of incredible importance to us, ESPECIALLY RIGHT NOW?

What is the meaning of Jesus’s descent into the Underworld or Inner world? Where did he go? Where are WE?
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