Whitley Strieber’s first nonfiction book in 10 years, ‘What is to Come, the Solution to the Communion Enigma’ will be published in January 2012. He is going to discuss its explosive contents in more detail at the 2011 Dreamland Festival. Here, he does what will be the only reading from the book for subscribers until late in 2011. He reads the chapter on childhood mind control, as part of this week’s exploration of that subject on Dreamland. Subscribers may also watch a video of a talk by Duncan O’Finioan.

For our subscribers this Easter weekend, Whitley Strieber brings his deep knowledge of the gospels to bear on the Marriage Feast at Cana. He says, "the gospels are written in two languages, the common vernacular that we read every day, and a hidden universal language of the divine."

He goes on to explain that the Marriage Feast at Cana is a grammar that is designed to enable the reader to learn how to read the rest of the gospel texts, and see into the hidden code of the parables, in a way that truly informs the soul.