Here’s a conspiracy for you! A new study links (for the first time) thyroid disease with human exposure to perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), a chemical used in industrial and consumer goods, including nonstick cookware and stain- and water-resistant coatings for carpets and fabrics. People with higher concentrations of PFOA in their blood are more likely to report a history of thyroid disease. But at least the problem of wrapping food in plastic after (or before) it’s cooked is being solved.

Toxicologist Tamara Galloway says, “These results highlight a real need for further research into the human health effects of low-level exposures to environmental chemicals like PFOA that are ubiquitous in the environment and in people’s homes. We need to know what they are doing.”read more

Believe it or not, there is a conspiracy going on against NUNS. In her new diary, Anne Strieber writes: “I wasn’t raised a Catholic (my parents were atheists) and although I became one as a young adult, and have even taught (non-religious) subjects in a Catholic school, I don’t know much about Catholic dogma. I was confirmed by a bored, intellectual monsignor from a wealthy family who was stationed at a church on the edge of Harlem. During our weekly talks, we discussed literature, art, architecture and music but we rarely got around to anything about what the Catholic religion is all about. I’ve learned a lot from nuns too, but not much dogma there, either! From them, I’ve most learned how (and how not) to live.”

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Recently, somebody close to Jay Weidner died, and he found that he could not bring comfort to a person who was facing the sorrow and terror of death. So he set out to create a DVD that people coming to death could see and that would help them transform their expectations.

Infinity: the Ultimate Trip is the result of that effort, and this amazing video has the power not only to remove the fear of death from people who are dying, but to help us all free ourselves from this burden.
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Is the “many worlds” theory of parallel universes correct? Even cosmologist George Ellis, who came up with the theory, isn’t sure that HE agrees with it!

The theory forms one of the bedrocks of quantum physics, and it also helps explain Dark Matter, which is one of the main questions CERN is seeking to answer. But the problem with the theory is the theory that everything that CAN happen DOES happen (in some parallel universe).
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