Michael Brown believes that 2012 represents a serious chance for conscious people to reach a new level of energy. Michael suffered for years with a rare disease, finally abandoning conventional medicine and embarking Michael says that “the 2012 promise can unfold as a tangible experience,” if we can enter a state he calls “present moment awareness.” He used his technique to cause his disease to abate, and he has now created it as a system called “The Presence Process.” Listen as he tells William Henry how he does it!

Michael’s website is thePresencePortal.com.

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What costs $75,000 and (despite the recession) already has a waiting list? A personal flying machine you can carry around in a backpack like a folding bike. Even if you have to wait to get it, it’s a great way to commute!

On SmartPlanet.com, Boonsri Dickinson reports that it’s the 200-horsepower Martin Jetpack, which can go 60 mph for 20 minutes on a five-gallon tank of gas (so it has to be a pretty short commute). It saves time but it’s NOISY.If you’re lucky enough to get to the top of the list while you still have some money in your pocket, you will need 40 minutes of training (but you don’t need a pilot’s license).
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It’s about time we discovered if there’s life anywhere else in the galaxy. India’s lunar spacecraft has discovered that there are thick deposits of ice near the moon’s north pole, meaning that if astronauts set up a colony there, they would have plenty of water (but they’ll have to boil it first, since But other compounds, such as hydrocarbons, are mixed up in the lunar ice) And NASA has found evidence that liquid water lies beneath the surface on the Saturn moon of Enceladus, meaning that life may exist there.
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It all started with a visit from a hummingbird. I was out in the backyard of a friend’s house when a hummer flew right up in front of my face. It did a little "hello" dance back and forth, then zoomed away. We feed hummingbirds on our balcony, and this made me wonder if they have some sort of long distance communication system that we humans don’t know about, the way whales and elephants do.
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