A new bill introduced by Senators Joe Lieberman (I-Ct) and John McCain (R-Az) seeks to bar ‘enemy combatants’ from civilian trials or access to normal representation or due process. But the bill is so vague that it could easily turn the US into a police state. Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., expressed reservations about the bill, saying he “understands what John and Joe are trying to do.” But the former military lawyer added, “I just don’t feel comfortable with it. There is a role for the civilian courts to play.”
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Recently, somebody close to Jay Weidner died, and he found that he could not bring comfort to a person who was facing the sorrow and terror of death. So he set out to create a DVD that people coming to death could see and that would help them transform their expectations.

Infinity: the Ultimate Trip is the result of that effort, and this amazing video has the power not only to remove the fear of death from people who are dying, but to help us all free ourselves from this burden.
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Michael Brown believes that 2012 represents a serious chance for conscious people to reach a new level of energy. Michael suffered for years with a rare disease, finally abandoning conventional medicine and embarking Michael says that “the 2012 promise can unfold as a tangible experience,” if we can enter a state he calls “present moment awareness.” He used his technique to cause his disease to abate, and he has now created it as a system called “The Presence Process.” Listen as he tells William Henry how he does it!

Michael’s website is thePresencePortal.com.

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There is a stunning and unexpected relationship between the coat of arms of George Washington, the US Capitol AND the Aztec Sun Stone that implies that powerful hidden knowledge was shared in the past in ways that are totally hidden now. So, what were these connections and what to they have to do with the destiny that is coming at us right now like a speeding train?

This is a provocative and extremely unusual discussion between William Henry and his Freedom’s Gate co-author, Mark Gray.

Mark’s website is CosmicDoorways.net.

The work of Alex Grey is referred to extensively in this interview with Mark Gray. Alex’s website is AlexGrey.com.
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