The great Jim Marrs has a phenomenal new book out called the Sisterhood of the Rose. It’s fiction based on fact, and it delves into secrets that Jim cannot prove but that he believes to be true.

A secret sisterhood existed during WWII that worked against Hitler’s dream of world conquest in crucial but extremely secret ways. Lives were sacrificed in secret, in pursuit of the goal of human freedom, a goal that could not have been reached without the Sisterhood.

Learn about these courageous women and the extraordinary, forgotten role they played in the war, in Whitley Strieber’s exciting interview of Jim Marrs.

Jim’s website is
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Starfire Tor has become one of Dreamland’s most popular guests for just one reason: what she claims abut timeslips actually happens, can be seen and can be proved. Whitley and Anne Strieber had just such an experience in Starfire’s presence, which she then methodically and skillfully proved really had happened.

Now that there may be a Discovery Channel show about what happened to us, Whitley and Starfire go deeper into the experience, and discuss the startling reality that we are all actually much more “loose” in time than we realize. We are programmed not to notice ourselves slipping around in time.

That can change. All you have to do is make yourself aware of things you normally filter out. This program will help you do just that!
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Dr. Nick Begich is one of the world’s leading experts on the mysterious and powerful HAARP project. As this is being written on March 10, HAARP has just been activated for unknown reasons. Dr. Begich tells Dreamland what it’s all about. This program will appear beginning at 12 noon Pacific time Thursday

So, what does the HAARP project really do? Is it as innocent as what the HAARP website would have us believe, or is there something more going on? For example, could HAARP’s activities affect things like earthquakes? If so, how could bombarding the ionosphere with energy destabilize faults, or is such a thing even possible?
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Anne Strieber interviews Mark Robert Waldman about some of the breakthrough discoveries that have recently been made about the way a relationship with God actually changes the brain.

12 minutes of meditation a day can slow down aging. Contemplating a loving God reduces stress and increases compassion, while thinking about a punitive God makes us anxious and fearful, and anger and prejudice can cause permanent brain damage. Intense prayer makes permanent changes in the brain, altering your values and your understanding of reality.

Mark Waldman offers profoundly useful insight into the actual, physical power of God’s presence to make us healthier and improve brain function.
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