Whitley Strieber and James Gilliland of the ECETI Ranch talk together for the first time, and it is a powerful listening experience indeed. Then Linda Howe tells us about those new body scanners–safe or not? A DO NOT MISS!

James Gilliland’s ECETI ranch is renowned for UFO sightings, and wait until you hear his stories about his own family’s early sightings in New Mexico and his shocking story about a MUFON member’s attempt to debunk sightings that were going on during Above Top Secret’s visit to the ranch.

Why did this come into James Gilliland’s life? What is this extraordinary man really trying to do. Don’t miss Whitley Strieber’s exciting, insightful interview.
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Doug Horne was the Chief Military Analyst for the Assassination Records Review Board that was delegated to study the Kennedy assassination by Congress in 1992. Here, Jim Marrs interviews him, and he says, quite frankly, "there was massive fraud in the evidence," and that the autopsy results released after the autopsy at Bethesda Naval Hospital are false, and conceal an exit wound that prove the fact that he was struck by a bullet from the front, as well as the ones that hit him in the back of the head.
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George Noory joins Whitley Strieber for a wide-ranging conversation about his new book Journey to the Light and a whole lot of other things. They talk about everything from time travel to Catholicism to a secret plan to depopulate the planet–with the empowering message and fascinating stories of Journey to the Light thrown in!

You will probably never hear another interview this extensive with George, or this knowledgeable. This is a very special experience, not to be missed.

George Noory’s website is CoasttoCoastAM.com.

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Has David Lewis Anderson traveled in time? There are those who say they’ve seen him in their own pasts.But one thing he’s very clear about: time travel IS possible, and he’s on a crusade to inform the public about this startling new reality. In this interview with Whitley Strieber, he tells us just how far time travel research has gone, and what it means for our lives and our future.
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