The minds of geniuses like Nicola Tesla are different, but how? Douglas Taylor is a visionary and explorer of the mind who has studied Tesla and others, and has come to some startling conclusions about the way this highly unusual man’s mind worked, and how he might have had some truly extraordinary connections to intelligences from beyond this world.

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Many people believe in reincarnation, and on Dreamland, we’ve had three programs (11/7/9, 5/5/9, 5/5/7) on this subject. Now Andrew Collins asks the question, might there not be a greater journey available to the soul than to return on the wheel of life? But first, he tells the disturbing story of secret excavations on the Giza Plateau being carried out by the Egyptian Department of Antiquities.

He also discusses an impact thousands of years ago that the ancient Egyptians remember as the end of a lost human civilization, and an extraordinary diamond that may be the object of the Egyptians’ search.

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This is the first of a two part exploration of Andrew Collins’ highly controversial and explosive new discoveries in Egypt. Follow Andrew into unknown spaces beneath the Giza Plateau, and learn what this popular Dreamland guest found there. Then, next week, learn what he thinks all this have to do with human evolution and changes that we are experiencing in ourselves and our children right now.

An truly incredible journey from the most secret places of the ancient Egyptians to the radical changes in ourselves and our world that we are increasingly beginning to notice.

Next week, don’t miss Andrew Collins: the Stars

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Famed broadcaster Zoe Hieronimous has written an extraordinary book about the seven holy women of Israel, Sarah, Miriam, Devorah, Chanah, Avigail, Chuldah, and Esther. Their lives reflect a kabbalistic path to spiritual evolution that is of incredible value to us today.

Listen as William Henry explores this crucially important and badly neglected material. What is a human soul? Where do we stand? How do we find the markers along the road?

Zoe offers a very new–and very old–approach to enriching our inner life.

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NOTE: This show summary, previously published on our old site, may contain broken links.