Whitley Strieber has caught the Christmas spirit, and he treats us to a group of hilarious stories from his childhood. He was, to say the least, the kind of little boy who was just made to find ashes and switches under the Christmas tree, and one year that’s just what happened! But that’s not all. Take delight in these wonderful tales from Christmases long past, when the world was a lot more fun–especially for wild little boys!

Why do Christmas and hand grenades go together? When you hear this one, you’re going to come out believing one thing: guardian angels must be real!

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At last, the wonderful Lloyd Pye subscriber interview has been repaired, and is now a beautiful listening experience.

A very strange group of ruins have been found in southern Africa, and there is some evidence that they may be as much as 200,000 years old. If so, they could explain certain ancient Sumerian texts as interpreted by Zecharia Sitchen. In this interview, Lloyd Pye discusses why he believes that our understanding of our own past is flawed, and that no modern theory, be it evolutionary theory, creationism or divine intervention actually explains who and what we are, and how we got here.
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It is Christmas eve, and I’m enjoying the deep peace of an evening with my family, and I am thinking about this beautiful season and the hope that it brings, and also about people celebrating the season around the world under very different circumstances.

These are the Christian communities in peril in places like southern Sudan, Iraq, Iran, Turkey and too many other places in the world. Almost universally, these communities are threatened by Islam, and as that religion drifts more and more into extremism, the danger to the Christians living among them grows.
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Next step is machine intelligence – Quantum physicist Stephen Hawking says humans have entered a new phase of evolution, one that will be continued by our creation of intelligent machines. Evolution is one of the topics discussed in the Lloyd Pye subscriber interview this week.

Evolution used to proceed slowly, over millions of years of natural selection from random mutations. But now evolution has speeded up, and Hawking predicts that major changes will take place every 50 years.
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