2010 is a year filled with symbolism and significance, both real and bogus. The internet is full of warnings and stories, but which ones are true and which have genuine meaning?

Christopher Knowles has a profound understanding of what might be real and what is bogus. He asks the questions: how much of the symbolism is conscious, how much is false, how much is intentional misdirection.

Listen to this enlightening exploration of the language and meaning of the symbols that are appearing all around us, and gain a real understanding of the way the world is changing.

Christopher Knowles website is Secretsun.blogspot.com.
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The week before the bizarre Norway Lights appeared, William Henry published an article on WilliamHenry.net that appeared almost to prophesy the strange phenomenon.

It was explained away as a missile test, but is that all that happened? Listen as William Henry first interviews Mark Gray about the phenomenon and its possible significance, then, in the second half hour, William and Whitley Strieber discuss why, even if it was a defective missile, the coincidences surrounding its appearance are so bizarre.

Mark Gray’s website is CosmicDoorways.net.

Read William’s article on WilliamHenry.net.
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James Gilliland of the ECETI Ranch in Washington State explains to William Henry why he is making radical changes in his approach to the UFO community and the public. The ECETI Ranch has been the site of more verified UFO sightings than anywhere else in the world, and yet the US UFO community, led by the Mutual UFO Network, likes to pretend that the ranch simply doesn’t exist.

But it does exist, and it is part of the same aim that drives Revelations, Dreamland and Unknowncountry: the raising of humanity to the higher level of consciousness necessary to real contact.
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A fossilized shoe print with a trilobite embedded in it hundreds of millions of years old. An anatomically complete human skeleton found beneath a thick layer of slate, indicating that it was 300 million years old.

This and much other evidence is ignored because it doesn’t make sense.

Or does it? Listen as William Henry interviews Michael Cremo of Forbidden Archaeology about his findings that suggest that SOMEONE has been here a very, very long time.

Open your mind to the possibility that we are not what we seem, and that we can recover our own true past, and with it, find our true purpose.

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