Whitley Strieber has caught the Christmas spirit, and he treats us to a group of hilarious stories from his childhood. He was, to say the least, the kind of little boy who was just made to find ashes and switches under the Christmas tree, and one year that’s just what happened! But that’s not all. Take delight in these wonderful tales from Christmases long past, when the world was a lot more fun–especially for wild little boys!

Why do Christmas and hand grenades go together? When you hear this one, you’re going to come out believing one thing: guardian angels must be real!

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First, Linda Moulton Howe has a phenomenal report about Roswell from a woman who directly held the materials in her hands at Wright Field in 1947.

Then Marla Frees is back and she has an extraordinary show for us this week. She’s talking to Monica Holy, who has ended up in the extraordinary situation of rescuing people AFTER their deaths.

How is this possible, and what in the world is it even about, you ask, and most reasonably. Listen as Dreamland’s expert psychic explores Monica’s unique life and work. What she does is not something you will have heard about before, but as the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead grows thinner, lives such as Monica Holy’s are going to become more common.
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It has recently been proved that the famous “Starchild” skull that Lloyd Pye has been researching for 11 years is not the skull of a child, and that, while it contains human mitochondrial DNA from its mother, it ALSO contains other DNA from its father that has not been identified.

Listen as Lloyd Pye takes us through the continuing saga of this artifact, explaining all the latest research and also retuning with us to the moment 900 years ago when an unknown woman partially buried the body of the Starchild, laid its arm across her breast, and committed suicide.

What happened? Why, in the depths of what was then–and is now–a great wilderness, did this drama take place?
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Peter Levenda interviews Mark Gaffney on the mystery plane that flew over Washington on 9/11. Many news organizations reported on the presence of this plane, and now Mark Gaffney, in possession of FAA radar records, shows that it was NOT a command control plane that also appeared over the city that morning and has been acknowledged by the Air Force, but another, so far unacknowledged, E4B Command aircraft.

So, what did happen? What plane was involved? A piece of raw footage filmed at the White House on 911 by CNN proves that the plane was there.
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