An extraordinary treat from Whitley Strieber: Night Thoughts. Over half an hour he describes the way his mind is changing as it leaves the barriers of time and space behind. He talks about the true complexity of the grays and the promise of our relationship with them, and what is actually on offer. It is one of the most amazing statements made by him or anybody else. To be witness to the way this man’s life is unfolding, and to know that this means that our lives have the same potential, is deeply joyous. These are night thoughts about a human future that is almost beyond conception, it is so incredible.

This week, Whitley Strieber continues his series on sensing the soul. In all of his meditations, Whitley begins by sensing the body, a process those of us who meditate with him have come to understand as an essential anchor to the experience.

But what about the soul. Whitley tells us that our concentration on physical reality has rendered us "soul blind," and most of us have no feeling that there is anything more to us than our physical body.

But what if you could actually FEEL your soul? Could sense it the same way you sense your body?

This talk and meditation is about doing just that. We can learn to sense our souls, but it isn’t done in quite the way one might expect…