Scientists don’t agree on how many mass extinction events in earth’s history were triggered by a space rock crashing into the planet’s surface. However, most do agree that an asteroid collision 65 million years ago (among other things) was what brought an end to the age of dinosaurs. The outer planets Saturn and Jupiter protect us from many of these potential impacts, as was shown on July 20, when a huge scar appeared on Jupiter’s surface, evidence of a comet impact. However, this is not always the case, and12,600 years ago North America was struck by a massiveobject that ended the ice age and gave rise to flood legendsaround the world.
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UPDATE – A swarm of 4 significant to strong earthquakes struck thewestern Pacific off Mexico and the Gulf of California today.The strongest was an earthquake measuring 6.9 on the Richter Scale, which struck 76miles off the coast of Baja California this morning and wasfelt strongly in San Diego, where buildings were evacuated,including San Diego City Hall. This follows 5.9, 5.8 and 5.0quakes inthe Gulf of California earlier today.

The Pacific quake was expected to produce a smalltsunamialong the northern coast of Baja California. There were noreports of damage in the relatively empty northern part ofBaja, which would have received the strongest effect of thequake 6.9 quake.
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Robert Gleason is the author of “Gary Jennings’ Apocalypse 2012,” and has vast knowledge of the Mayan Calendar, the Book of Revelation and 2012. Bob was Gary Jennings’ editor for many years, and has continued his tradition of ultra high level research into the past, creating a book that goes beyond fiction to provide a vivid and incredible vision not only of Mesoamerican civilization and knowledge, but also of what it may mean for modern times.

On the cover, Whitley Strieber calls Apocalypse 2012 “enthralling and thrilling” and that’s exactly how you will react to this interview as Whitley explores such burning questions as the relationship between Mayan prophecy and the Book of Revelation with Robert Gleason.

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The question has been asked and asked again: WHY the UFO secrecy? Back in 1989, Whitley Strieber got information from an uncle in the Air Force and his longtime friend and commanding officer, General Arthur Exon, the commandant of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, that suggested a shocking answer to this question that goes far beyond anything ever discussed in the UFO community.

The answer lies deeply embedded in the physics of perception and was first put forward by a cyberneticist and physicist, Dr. John von Neumann, called in his time "the smartest man in the world."

Whitley embarked on a study of the so-called quantum perception problem to determine if the explosive and terrifying reason might be true.
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