Anne Strieber and Robert Waggoner have an intimate discussion about lucid dreaming experiences, out of the body travel, and whether or not such seemingly solid and physically real figures as the Master of the Key might actually be lucid dreams, or beings who have come through time or hyperspace to manifest in the physical world.

This discussion ranges far beyond where Dreamland left off, offering subscribers rich insight into the possibilities inherent in our dream life, as Anne Strieber hears from Robert Waggoner his theories about the radical change in her personality that took place after her near death experience.
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In order to dream, we first have to sleep. Humans spend about one-third of their lives asleep, but sleep researchers still don’t know why we do it.

The function of sleep is one of the 125 greatest unsolved mysteries in science. Theories range from brain “maintenance” to reversing damage from stress suffered while awake, to promoting longevity. None of these theories are well established, and some of them contradict each other.
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No, we’re not dreaming! Jason Cooke was surfing through Google Earth when he decided to look at a satellite photo of Loch Ness in Scotland, and spotted an image which may be the Loch Ness monster.

In the August 27th edition of the Guardian newspaper, Stephen Moss quotes Nessieologist Cameron McSporran as saying, “It’s a dramatic and compelling image. It is probably the most important sighting since 1974, when campers at the Loch Ness caravan park saw a vast green scaly creature with a curved head and a long, slender body at four in the morning. It requires a great deal of detailed analysis and close consultation with the Highlands and Islands Tourist Board, but I think at last we are close to silencing the doubters.”
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In Anne’s new diary, she writes: “We were recently in Texas for Whitley’s uncle’s 90th birthday party. My birthday came around while we were there, and MY celebration was MUCH MORE staid than his!” You can come meet Anne in person in October (she promises to keep her clothes on).

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