Talk radio is often ridiculous, if not downright dangerous, but an Austrian radio station has come up with a great idea: Broadcast sounds that repel mosquitoes, so if you hear something buzzing in your ear, you know what to do.

The Radio World website reports than Viennese radio station KroneHit has embedded a 14,850 Hz tone in its audio signal in an effort to discourage mosquitoes from biting. The tone imitates the buzzing of a female mosquito, which discourages other female mosquitoes from biting (since it’s the females who cause all the problems for humans). The tone can’t be heard by human ears, so it is unnoticeable to human listeners. All they hear is the usual program. Mosquito expert Michael M
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Robert Temple has become one of the leading scholars on the Sphinx, and here he tells us about his discoveries about its origins and the rooms buried beneath it. He also outlines his research into the Dogon tribe’s belief that they were visited by aliens from Sirius–and then tells about the interest both the Masons took in his discoveries, and the US intelligence community. In order to learn more, he became a Mason himself, and was told that US intelligence planners took an interest in the Dogon’s response to alien contact because they thought it might be a model for what could happen in the modern world.
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Did we really go to Iraq after Gog and Magog? Jacques Chirac says that’s what George W. Bush told him. William Henry comments in a Dreamland Special.

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